monkey business

The reason I have ended up in this particular corner of Sri Lanka is because I have a friend who lives here on and off. Mainly off at the moment sadly but that is not the point of this story.   Last year he was over here living in the cottage that I am in now and I remember that whenever he would talk about the monkeys and other exotic wildlife wandering around the grounds I would express surprise, excitement and delight and he would retort with variations on “… when will you get your head around the fact that I live in a [insert expletive of choice]  jungle?”

A year and a bit later I  have  very much got my head around that concept but even though monkeys and peacocks and monitor lizards and geckos and chameleons and all sorts of other wild and wonderful creatures are a commonplace part of my daily landscape when I am here, the surprise, excitement and delight on seeing them has not receded.

This week the area outside my bedroom window has been host to a monkey creche. A whole troop has made camp including several nursing females with babies of varying sizes clinging to their midrifts. Their chatter is the first thing I hear when I wake up and I am now used to them staring at me as I get dressed in the morning, willing me (as yet unsuccessfully) to throw them some fruit.

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